Prayer Points for Day of Prayer & Fasting (25/05/17)

In light of this week's terrorist attack in Manchester, we are devoting today to pray for Manchester - and the UK - at this time. 

First and foremost please remember Manchester in your prayers:
For those who are now fighting for their lives and for those who are caring for them.
For the families, friends and colleagues of the 22 who have died (we understand many of them are children).
For those shocked and traumatised.
For the Paramedics and those at the hospitals who have to respond to this emergency.
For the Chief Constable Ian Hopkins and GMP Police as they gather evidence and deal with the public.
For the staff of the Manchester Arena who will be traumatised and deeply affected.
For Andy Burnham and the officials of Manchester as they respond.
For COBRA and the government as they meet this morning.
Now pray for the UK. Pray for -
Protection from fear:
  • Freedom from fear - The aim of terror is to bring fear, confusion, and hatred. We stand against that in the name of Jesus because His perfect love casts out fear. 1 John 2:5
  • God’s people to have perfect love for their communities - For Muslims and all our neighbours, for the Police, and for each other.
  • God’s revelation - Bring plots, schemes and evil intentions into the light.
Protection for the nation from attack:
  • God’s mercy on our nation and in particular on your village/ town/city/community.
  • That the Lord will expose all future evil agendas before they are actioned.
  • For those involved in terrorist activities to be caught ASAP.
  • God’s wisdom and insight – For our Police, Border controls, Transport Police, GCHQ, Security Services and national and local government.
  • God’s protection – “My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth…..He neither slumbers nor sleeps ….” Psalm 121. 2 – 4. He is the Lord of Hosts. Pray for angelic protection.
For blessing to come out of shaking: Psalm 149 talks of having “the high praises of God in our mouth and a two-edged sword in our hand.” From that position, praising God and carrying the sword of the Word and Spirit, we can go on the offensive. “To bind their Kings and chains and their nobles in fetters.” Psalm 149:6-8
Those caught up in radical Islam – That their eyes will be opened to Jesus.
The mobilisation of His Church – That we will bring protection, blessing and hope.
A revelation of Christ – That many people will seek Jesus and that He will be revealed in our schools, our offices, our communities. That this will be a time of harvest and blessing. 

We have adapted these prayer points from recent calls to prayer from the World Prayer Centre.