Prayer Points for Day of Prayer & Fasting (08/06/17)

Today the nation goes to the polls. Every election is contested spiritually, and this is no exception. Satan will be resolute in resisting God’s sovereign purpose. God calls us to partner with him to bless where we live locally and bless our nation. We need to pray for God’s sovereign will and purpose.

Pray for God to place the right people in authority at this time in our history. (I Timothy 2:1-4)

Pray that candidates will recognise their responsibilities, the potential they have to affect great change and be mindful of the people they represent.

Pray that they will be people of character, courage, wisdom, political ability and seek justice.

Pray for the Christians standing for election to know his peace, and walk close with him in this busy and demanding time.

Pray that voters will give thoughtful and, hopefully, prayerful consideration as to how they will vote.

Pray that there will be no unwelcome incidents during voting.

Pray for those who are elected – re-elected that they will run a clean, good campaign and fulfil their assurances and the commitments pledged.