At One Church we love children and young people and believe that they are A significant part of our church. They are not simply the church of tomorrow - they are the church of today

We believe in developing an environment within our programme and events that help shape and nurture all children and youth to be confident in who they are, know the purpose for which they are made, be able to express their spiritual gifts and talents and feel part of a caring community that seeks to make a difference in their sphere of influence - all this while having lots of fun! 

The foundation of all our teaching is the Bible and we seek to teach this in a way that is fun, relevant and understandable. We believe in raising children that are confident, kind, care for one another and are able to make good choices in life - and most importantly, develop a personal relationship with God.

We highly value our children and what we do so all our team members are DBS checked and receive regular training to be able to deliver a high standard of care to the children.