You repent, you believe, you get baptised - in water and IN the HOLY Spirit. That’s the normal pattern of Christian initiation

But there are many Christians who are not filled or baptized with the Spirit, just as it was with the disciples in Acts 19:1. 

We do not believe that the baptism of the Spirit is something automatic or unconscious at conversion but is the result of a definite conscious experience which is subsequent to believing. This is why - in addition to personal prayer which can be requested at any point from our Prayer Ministry Team - we give regular opportunities in our services for believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit. 

The baptism of the Holy Spirit changes lives. Each Christian has a ministry given to them by God. The Holy Spirit enables, empowers, energises and equips every member of the body of Christ to perform this ministry - in the church and in the world. He fills us with the presence, power and purity of God and makes it possible for us to live out our purpose effectively on this earth - for our joy and for God's glory. Click here to listen to more teaching on this topic.

In our services we regularly pray for people to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Sometimes - and this also happens during times of prayer ministry too - people may react physically or emotionally to the presence of the Holy Spirit: laughing and weeping, shaking and falling, lying prostrate, etc. Equally, there may be no outward reaction whatsoever, even though God is doing something quite remarkable. Reactions or their lack thereof say nothing about the level of one's spirituality or the legitimacy of a spiritual experience. People can respond differently to the presence of God but what matters is that people have a genuine encounter with God.