HONOUR: ours is a kingdom culture of mutual respect and servanthood

OUTWARD: we think beyond ourselves

SPIRITUAL: we can’t do it without God; we live by the Word and the Spirit

PASSION: this is what we love to do and we have fun doing it 

INTEGRITY: we lead by example; what we say is what we do

FAMILY: this is our home; we cheer each other on

EXCELLENCE: we always bring our best

DISCIPLE: it’s all about making disciples; we empower people for ministry, mission and leadership

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We believe that the criteria for leadership and ministry is character, calling and gifting, not gender. As a church that champions the full equality of men and women in all aspects of life and ministry, the leaders of One Church fully subscribe to the eight commitments of the Minding the Gap Manifesto:

1.      We believe that women, as well as men, have inherent value and dignity because they are made in the image of God.

2.      We will call out everyday sexism in our church wherever it takes place and challenge each other to do better.

3.      We will work hard to ensure that no woman in our congregation feels ‘less than’ just because she is a woman.

4.      We will strive for fair representation of both men and women preaching God’s Word in our pulpit.

5.      We will tell stories of the female heroes of the faith – Bible characters, theologians and church leaders – to provide our congregation with a holistic picture of the kingdom of God.

6.      We will encourage women in our church to step up into positions of leadership.

7.      We will be intentional about putting in place training, equipping and mentoring for those women who feel called to lead in our church.

8.      We will commit to championing the fully equality of men and women working together for the sake of the gospel.