One Church

As the new era unfolds, pray for people in our city, and not least around our new location, to come to Christ. Pray that they may also become part of our church family too.

Pray that we will be a church that takes responsibility for the lost - that we will be effective in sharing the good news of the gospel with those in our spheres of influence.

Pray for an increase in signs, wonders and miracles both as we gather and also in our homes, communities and workplaces. 

Prisons Week

Our Day of Prayer & Fasting coincides with Prisons Week. See here for specific prayer points.

Also, please pray for the Alpha course that we are currently running in one of our local prisons. Pray that the 20+ men on the course will be choose to make Jesus the Lord and Saviour of their lives and be truly transformed by the gospel.

Prayer for Haiti (compiled by Tearfund)

Hurricane Matthew is the worst hurricane to hit Haiti since 1954 and has caused catastrophic damage including widespread flooding and landslides. Haiti remains highly vulnerable after the 2010 earthquake and remains one of the poorest nations in the world. Lives have already been lost and the death toll is predicted to rise.

• Please pray for the families who have been affected by the hurricane, particularly those who are most vulnerable, children and the elderly.

• Haiti was predicted to have a good harvest this year; however, up to 80% of crops have been destroyed in affected areas, as well as losing much live-stock. Please pray for those who have suffered great loss to their livelihoods, that they would be provided with all they need in the coming months.

Please pray for the protection of the estimated 14,530 people currently taking refuge in shelters, and please pray protection over their homes which they have left behind.

• Many roads and bridges have been destroyed, and telecommunications have been cut off in affected areas- please pray that the most vulnerable areas will be accessible soon, so that humanitarian support can reach where it is most needed.

• Thank God for the local church, partners and other networks on the ground; over 1500 churches and schools have opened their doors to provide shelter to vulnerable communities. Please pray that local churches continue to engage and mobilise together to respond to the huge needs arising in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

• Pray for wisdom and discernment for the government and local leaders, as they decide how to respond in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.