At One Students, we want to see college and university students discipled into a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Then we want to equip these students to connect those in the world around them to Jesus.

In addition to our main 10:30am Service on Sundays, we have a student Connect Group which meets on the first Thursday evening of every month at a coffee shop in the city centre. We really want students who are studying away from home to feel that they belong to a family and to be connected into community during their time in Norwich.

There are also multiple ways to get involved in team – not only is this a lot of fun and a great chance to meet some brilliant people, it’s also a chance to learn new skills and play a part in making church happen. A number of events, for example our School of Apologetics, will also be right up the street of young people studying at university. And we have student leaders on hand to help equip and release students into their God-given potential. 

One Students is run by Sam Collinson - connect with Sam on Instagram @Sam_Collinson90 or email for more information.

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2019 Dates

May 2nd - Finding a vision for your life

June 6th - Dealing with stress

July 4th - Dating and relationships

August 1st - Book reviews from summer reading

September 5th - Finding a new start in God

October 3rd - Impacting your community

November 1st - Developing your spirituality

December 5th - Understanding the real Jesus