Hosting a world expert on the resurrection of Jesus, Gary Habermas. Gary is Distinguished Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Liberty University, USA. He will be presenting his signature lecture on 'The Resurrection Evidence that Changed a Generation of Scholars'.

“The central claims we make as Christians hang on the veracity of the historical resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead. If it never happened, our faith is worthless; if it did happen, it is the ultimate authentication of Jesus’ claim to be God. We’re thrilled to be hosting Professor Gary Habermas as he presents on the amazing evidence that has convinced even the most ardent of sceptics. You’ll see what a solid foundation of historical truth we stand on and also why the alternative explanations for the resurrection just don’t cut it. This really is not to be missed. And don’t just bring yourself – bring a sceptic too!” - Revd. Dominic De Souza

Gary Habermas, Norwich, School of Apologetics, One Church