What is the Crossing Over Offering?

This is a special miracle offering that involves you sowing into the future of One Church. We are believing to raise an ADDITIONAL £60k on top of our current income over the course of the next year (this assumes there will be no drop in current income).

This offering is a great opportunity for some to start giving regularly to the church and for others to increase their giving.

Every church at some point comes to a crossroads at which it needs to decide whether or not it will enter into God’s destiny. We believe we are at the intersection between opportunity and choice; that this is an all or nothing moment for One Church in which we are standing at the edge of our ‘Jordan’ and must decide whether or not to cross over into what God has promised.

We have limited time and incredible opportunity. This is our time to cross over. 

Why are we doing this appeal at this time?

The current church income is barely sufficient to sustain what we have; unless there is a significant increase in our finances, at best we will only be able to maintain the status quo and at worse we may not be able to continue at all. Certainly, in purely financial terms, our monthly income is not enough for us to move forward into the vision that God has given us.

When Pastors Dominic and Catherine inherited the church (then called TLC) in September 2015, it was running at an unsustainable £11k average monthly deficit. In the last financial year (2015-2016), they reduced this to £5.8k per month. In this current financial year (2016-2017), the deficit – due to quite major cost-cutting which, though necessary, has also hamstringed our efforts to move forward in the way we desire – is running at £2.1k per month (as of April 2017). In previous years the deficit was able to be covered because the church had reserves – but these have now been fully exhausted. Things are improving but we can’t stay here! We need to shake off the legacy of lack once and for all. We need to cross over!

Having the finances available firstly means we will be able to continue to do what we do. Secondly, it means we can be in a position to grow and expand what we do. Thirdly, it means we will be in the best possible position to fulfil our 2020 Core Priorities (see below).

We pray that your hearts will be deeply stirred with the vision God is placing before us. Our hope is that as God stirs your heart for One Church, you will rise to the challenge to do your part in making One Church’s vision a reality and move our mission forward. And as your prioritise God’s kingdom cause, we pray Malachi 3:10-11 and Matthew 6:33 will become your reality!

What are we asking the church to do?

We invite you to prayerfully ask God how much you should increase your giving by. Discuss this with your family if necessary, make a firm commitment to give in the way that God has led you and then give (see below for the ways you can do this).

Many times what God instructs you to give will be more than you think you are personally able to contribute (or currently have available to give). This is sacrificial giving and faith is required.

In 2 Corinthians 8:1-5, Paul says that the Macedonian believers were willing to give, not only what they could afford but what they couldn’t (they had to trust the Lord to supply their needs). The story of the widow of Zarephath in 1 Kings 17:8-16 is also another great example of biblical faith giving.

God uses this type of giving as a means to further the work of the kingdom, as well as stretch our faith and bless us personally too. However, it is important not to be presumptuous. Whilst sacrificial giving is stretching and may involve going without something in order to be able to give, it is not - for example - giving your food allocation money so you don’t eat or your rent money so you end up being evicted. We have to exercise biblical wisdom, discernment and responsibility in giving, whilst at the same time allowing God to stretch our faith.

For some of us, acquiring our offering gift may mean sacrificing something that we wanted to purchase. For others we might get a creative idea as to how we can fundraise the desired amount. Or perhaps God might even bring some miraculous provision your way to enable you to give the gift that you want.

Whatever the Holy Spirit tells you to do, make your pledge and do it!

What are we going to spend the money on?

We have made significant cuts to our annual budget simply to get through the lean times but this has brought about a number of challenges. Firstly, therefore, we need to get back on budget.

Secondly, out of the money we raise we want to direct £30k towards the salaries and associated costs in bringing Ian and Tabitha Sadler onto the team to spearhead our Children, Young People & Students Ministries.

Thirdly, we want to begin to invest specifically in our six 2020 Core Priorities:

2020 Core Priorities

How will we reach this target of £60k?

If everyone who considers One Church their home played their part, we think we could easily reach this target. For purely illustrative purposes, assuming that there are 50 young people or adults in our congregation who are able to give, it might be that we reach this minimum £60k in one of the following ways:


Of course, these are purely illustrative. You may want to give more; you may only be able to give less. But we believe that if each person gives in the way he or she has been directed by the Lord, then we will can indeed reach this target of £60k. 

How will we take up the Crossing Over Offering?

We encourage regular giving on a monthly basis ideally via standing order or if not, the regular giving envelopes which you can put into the offering baskets during any service.

Simply fill in a standing order form and return it directly to your bank or the One Church Office. Alternatively, if you have telephone or internet banking, it is very easy and quick to set-up a standing order using the following details:

Account Name - EFGA Norwich One Church; Sort Code - 600516; Account Number - 24935468; Reference - Your Surname & Initial

You can also use the above details to make online bank transfers too.

You can use the offering envelopes to give via cash or cheque or credit/ debit card. Cheques should be made payable to ‘One Church’.

Our secure online giving facility can be used to donate via credit/ debit card. 

If you are a UK taxpayer and have not signed up to Gift Aid at One Church, please also fill in a Gift Aid Declaration. Gift Aid makes a significant difference. We receive 25p from the government for every £1 you give.