Here is the combined recording of the three short vision segments presented by Pastors Dominic & Catherine at 'The Road Ahead' on Sunday 21st May 2017:

Part 1 - 'Here' - starts at 00 mins 00 secs 

Part 2 - 'There' - starts at 10 mins 34 secs

Part 3 - 'Fill the GAPS' - starts at 24 mins 48 secs

Click here to listen to the sermon entitled 'Crossing Over' that Pastor Dominic delivered between Parts 2 & 3.

Click here to read the commitment statements that Pastor Catherine presented in Part 2 about our six 2020 Core Priorities.

Click here to download an electronic copy of the 'Crossing Over Offering' booklet that Pastor Dominic referred to in Part 3.

Below is the video we showed in Part 2 introducing Ian and Tabitha Sadler, who we hope to bring onto the team to spearhead our Children, Young People and Students Ministries.